What Are Live Transfers with Data Matching (Full Response)?

When using live transfers with data matching, the live call is transferred and sold to the buyer based on the data collected by the telemarketer during the initial call. For example, if the telemarketer collects the lead's zip code, mortgage amount and LTV, any or all of these fields are used to determine the best buyer before a call into the LeadAdvisors.net system is placed. This is done by first posting the data lead into the LeadAdvisors.net system to find one matching lead buyer. After the buyer is determined, LeadAdvisors.net will return the matching buyer's information back to the telemarketer, so the telemarketer can dial and transfer the call to the buyer that received the data.


The system returns the matching buyer's information with the phone number at which they would like to be reached. The response from the single matching buyer is returned to the telemarketer immediately upon posting.

The telemarketer then dials the buyer, phone number provided in the response to connect the lead with the buyer once the lead and the buyer are successfully connected, the call center rep introduces the two parties and drops from the call. This completes the live transfer.

A customer calls Into a telemarketer or has been contacted by call center rep. The telemarketer collects additional information from the customer and submits it via a form that posts the data lead Into the LeadAdvisors.net customer system. Just like a normal web lead, this customer will match with a buyer based on priority or price, and be automatically delivered to them.

Live Transfers With Data Matching
(Full Response) Pros

This method provides better filtering options compared to live transfers with call matching because the buyer of this live transfer is determined based on the data collected by the telemarketer instead of the phone call data. Any of the collected fields can influence the buyer matching logic.
This method is a simpler process for the telemarketer than the Live Transfers with Data Matching (Ping Post Method)

Getting Started With Live Transfers

If you'd like to start selling live transfers using the LeadAdvisors.net call routing system, we'd love to help you get started. If you are currently using the LeadAdvisors.net system, please create a support ticket to get started. If you are not a LeadAdvisors.net client, fill out the form below and we can get you set up as quickly as possible.

If you're interested in exploring additional live transfer routing logic, please visit our live transfers page.