Social Media Marketing

  Drive Immediate Traffic

  Build-up & Maintain Relationships

  Increase Attributions

  Increase Leads & Sales

Social Media Marketing

At its core, social media effectiveness in marketing is all about engagement. It requires interacting with customers to succeed.

To achieve success, you must have the right blueprint. There’s no room for assumptions.

Advertising on social media is instrumental in marketing as it precisely caters to your demographic. Our social media strategy can help you effectively harness social with data-driven analysis, custom audience targeting, and ROI goals. We may create the best one for your brand based on several factors:

Our managed advertising platforms are

Identify Your


Determine Target

Build-Up & Maintain

Consultation Results


Assign an Expert

To guide you in planning your social media marketing, we’ll have one of your social media experts speak with you. They will craft the best online marketing campaign based on your business needs. Always, we aim to minimize costs and maximize your conversion rates while building long-term customer engagement. They will be your point of contact who will always track, measure, and adapt. Rinse and repeat.


Strategy Development

We will formulate the best strategy to promote your products to the right audiences. We’ll even include an advertising funnel that will illustrate how we’ll convert your visitors into sales.


Advertising Campaigns

Our ad specialist will also assist you in writing copy and creating other media for your campaign. To identify which ones work the best, we will conduct A/B split tests for your ad materials.


Ad Funnel Testing

We aim to provide your company with the best advertising funnel online. That’s why we will precisely align your ad campaigns to your customer’s traits and behaviors. In addition, we will determine what improvements your campaign needs by making data-driven decisions.


Tracking & Monitoring

What makes asking for assistance from an advertising agency easy is the added monitoring it provides. As we keep track of your campaign progress, we’ll also keep on reviewing and updating it to produce more conversions.


Analyses & Reports

We will also send you a monthly or weekly status update regarding your campaign, including metrics like:

  • Conversion Monitoring
  • Website Traffic
  • KPI’s
  • Goal Measurement
  • Conversion Rates
  • Campaign ROI

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We provide the most value from your advertising funds!

Email List

To grow your business further, you need repeated sales and new referrals frequently. We may aid you in that regard by using your customer email list. We will launch custom ads that specifically target your customers.

Retargeting Website Visitors

Only 1% to 2% of visitors convert upon their first visit to websites. Without intervention, you might yield limited conversions and spend beyond your budget to eventually produce results. That’s why we will put retargeting pixels on your website and advertise specifically to recent visitors. That way, you’ll reap the returns from your ad campaign as soon as possible!

Client Account Case Study

Why LeadAdvisors?

Because you want expertise and experience for your online marketing needs, and we got it!

LeadAdvisors is a full advertising agency & marketing consultancy firm, assisting businesses with marketing for over ten years. Our approach involves synergy between online advertising and social media marketing, adapting excellently to search engines and social media platforms.

No Contracts

We tell all our clients that our advertising strategy is not meant for short-term plans. That’s why we require no contracts. However, we proudly stand by our integrity and expertise in quality.

Just More Service

We recommend formulating a retargeting strategy, and an advertising sales funnel before spending considerably on online marketing. With that said, we will help you create and design content that will grow your brand week after week. We will even provide a sales funnel to increase your conversions!

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Social Media Marketing

Facebook Marketing

With over 2 BILLION USERS, it’s undoubtedly an ideal platform for online marketing. This social media site boosted exposure and expanded reach to potential clients, whether B2B or B2C.

Instagram Marketing

It’s the most engaging platform to pique interest in your products and services. We will assist you in capturing more attention and stimulating more engagement with more follows and likes.

Instagram Marketing

You may introduce your brand by showing a video ad to potential customers. Then, pursue further marketing when they show interest.

Instagram Marketing

LinkedIn is the best platform to reach fellow leaders and professionals. If you engage in business-to-business marketing, it’s the perfect place to increase website traffic, boost awareness, and influence conversions.

We won’t stop improving your campaigns!

  • Parts of your campaign that work and those that don’t
  • People who connect with your brand via social media
  • Comparative analysis for social media, between you and your competitors
  • Other platforms your intended market uses

Frequently Asked Questions


Does social media advertising work?
Of course! There are 3 billion active social media users, so over 3 million businesses have used social media to cater to this wide market. Companies and clients frequently interact with one another, and we will make sure your brand dominates the discussion with the right platform, message, and angle!
How long will it take until I see results?
This will depend on your target audience and the platforms they frequent. We may give an estimate based on your consumers’ behaviors and other aspects.
How many conversions can I expect?
We may provide the conversion rate you may get after our discovery call. Then, we will create a game plan based on your keyword target variations and the number of visitors to convert them into leads or sales.
Is paid social media advertising a good idea?
We recommend doing so if you’re struggling to raise awareness for your products and services. We will formulate the best option based on various and relevant social media platforms.
Why hire LeadAdvisors?
Your brand is everything, and neglecting social media may prove detrimental to its success. To help spread the word about your brand, we analyze data thoroughly to promote your brand to your intended audience.