Results Measurement

The ability to measure the outcomes of a marketing campaign are essential for achieving success. Without a method of tracking the results of a marketing campaign, companies can waste many thousands of dollars with each passing year while failing to meet their revenue goals.

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Best Processes for Prospect Development

Define the Market

Determine the largest and most targeted market and create a single database of decision makers that are ready to be marketed to.

List Enhancement

Ongoing contact management that is designed to increase sales.


Segmentation by Market 

Isolate those markets that will perform well as predicted and allocate resources towards acquisitions from these markets.


Lead Nurturing

Identify those leads that are long-term prospects and nurture them until they are ready to make a purchase.


Distribution of Opportunities

Determine which opportunities should be distributed to resources depending on the value of the opportunity. Assistance with integrating leads into CRM systems.


Results Measurement

Look at results from high-value opportunities to determine how to optimize the campaign.

Consistency in volume

3 Lead Monday, 14 leads on Tuesday, 6 leads on Wednesday. How can you expect your Agents to sell on a consistent basis when lead volume is not consistent, our proprietary technology allows you to set your daily volume per agent. If you need 6 leads per day per agent consider it done.