Exclusive Live Transfer
Debt Leads That Drive Sales

Verified Calls

Our debt leads are double verified and interested in speaking to your top agents.

100% Guaranteed Parameters On Your Leads

If there is a bad lead, we will re-verify based on the recorded call & replace the lead.

100% Contact Ratio

Because we specialize in search-generated leads, we can target any demographic based on any parameter. This means you will never waste time on unqualified leads.

Exclusive To You

You can rest assured that debt leads you purchase from us are 100% exclusive to you. We do not share leads, ever!



All of our leads are going to be 100% unique live transfer calls that are not sold to any other party

We do about 200 calls each day

All callers must be interested for the programs

All callers have source of income and not in active BK

All callers are decision makers


Debt Amount

Our agents confirm the amounts meet the minimum criteria of 10k of unsecured debt. However most of our leads average around 18k nationally. This is going to vary based upon geographic location buyers operate in.


Credit Qualifying Questions

We do not pull credit inquiries on our leads, but we do ask credit qualifying questions such as if they are current/ behind on their payments, and if they have filed any bankruptcy.


Ability to Repay

All of our borrowers indicated they have a source of income and the ability to repay their loans.

What happens after the call is transfered?


Real-Time Data Notifications

Depending on the purchase order size, we will either email you leads as confirmed transfer is completed, or we can post data in your CRM real time.



We are aware how important it is to keep the lead warm and not get the borrower frustrated by asking replicated questions. This part of the call is crucial to the conversion of the lead. Since we work with small offices up to large national banks, we are able to determine what are the “best practices” for handing off the call. Once you make your first order we will provide a best practices script to help streamline the transitioning the call to your sales team. We are seeing the highest lead conversions being yielded by this handoff script, and is highly recommended upon implementing a new live transfer campaign.



Most of our live transfers are averaging 15 minutes on initial transfer. What that means to you is conversions and solid leads who want to know their options.