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The most successful campaigns are when traffic is sent to dedicated landing pages where you can convert your visitors to inquiries or sales. With our landing pages, you send your visitors to a dedicated landing page and you will see your conversions increase by up to 20%!

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We assign an expert who will strategize your landing page



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Fully optimized landing pages for loan officers, mortgage brokers, real estate agents!



  • Optimized landing page
    2-5 pages (Home, About, Privacy, Terms, Thank you page)
  • Website analytics
    This report will help you understand who's visiting your site and we will integrate a tracking code so you can remarket your visitors if you decide to do paid advertising but that's not mandatory. we believe follow up with website visitors can increase your closing rate.
  • Mobile friendly
    built to be arranged and fit through any mobile or tablet devices for better user experience.
  • Stock images, custom design
  • SEO tools
    backend related for google visibility. such as title, site descriptions to ensure your website is fully optimized.
  • Dynamic leadgen form
    *dynamic, optimized form that's user friendly and has the highest conversion rate for your industry.
  • Email notifications
    *automated email notifications from any inquiries through your website
  • Social media integration
    *your social media integration to your website to ensure your visitors connecting with your social media platform
  • Free web hosting
    *this is usually $19.99 dollars per month through web hosting companies but WE GOT YOUR COVERED through our agency pricing.




  • Everything in Landing Page Pro
  • Facebook & Instagram
    Setup or Optimize your business facebook and instagram account with full integration to your landing page + branding + design + much more!!!
  • Keyword Analysis
  • 8 custom designed social posts per month
    * we will create a fully customized designs for your social media platforms that is designed specifically for your business and your brand.
  • Conversion & Analytics reporting
    All around social media reporting send to you weekly or monthly.
  • Bidding & Budget Management
    if you're running ads, we will help you monitor and stay within your budget on your ROI which requires a lot of daily monitoring by our facebook specialist that's assigned to your account.
  • Expert ad targeting
    we will target the right demographic, radius, location, social media group that can help your company get as many as eyeballs possible! we're all about helping your company generate more leads!
  • Quality Growth
    we target the audience based on your hashtags, keywords that matches to your product and services
  • 4x more engagement
    we will create engagement to ensure people talk about your products and services. All of our work is backed up by reporting to ensure you value our work for you.
  • Scheduled post intergration
    we will create engagement to ensure people talk about your products and services. All of our work is backed up by reporting to ensure you value our work for you.



* The special offer requires monthly payments to pay the full balance of the website. We break down the website cost into monthly payments to assist new entrepreneurs and small business owners. Unlike our competitors, after the balance is paid in full, you own the site.


  • API Integration with your CRM

    Starting $199/mo

  • Custom web design

    Starting $499/mo

* Ask our experts about our free landing page with our social media management or Pay-Per-Click bundle packages.

Why us?

We’re experts... Lead Advisors is a full advertising agency & marketing consultancy firm. Over 10 years of experience helping businesses with their direct marketing. We provide a synergistic approach to online advertising by promoting brands and restructuring your current online presence to ensure you have the best online sales funnel fully evolved with your social media & search engine channels.

What makes us different from WIX,
Lead Pages and our competitors?

There are so many benefits owning your own landing page

More transparency in your conversion and traffic data, which can be utilized for remarketing past site visitors.



You own your domain, website, images, and the WordPress account we create for you so that you can monetize your existing traffic with your current customers while focusing on getting new business with customers who have not purchased your products or services.
Optimized & fully integrated contact form (leadgen from) that's very mobile friendly and will allow visitors have the best experience visiting your site from mobile devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Web development

Domain & Hosting
Lead Advisors prefers that you use your exiting domain. We will need the login information to your hosting provider in order to move your site from your old hosting to the new hosting.
Where does the content come from?
You provide us the content. We will only include content that you send us or that is already up on your existing website. We're happy to write content for you. Our content creation packages start at $499.
How are changes made to the site?
We offer monthly website maintenance services. Each package includes different monthly updates. Outside of that, you have access to edit any content across your site, add new pages, change images, etc. If you require more than the included monthly updates, our development rate is $75/hr.
What is monthly maintenance fee?
Monthly updates come with a defined number of monthly updates to your site per your request. The monthly cost will help keep your maintenance cost lower than paying an hourly rate. This maintenance fee includes the web hosting fee as well.
What is the monthly payment for?
The monthly payment will make it affordable for you will own the landing page after 6 months or you can pay all upfront to save 10% Talk to an expert