Improve the success of your marketing efforts

Lead Process

We send traffic to our websites through email marketing, display ads, and social media advertising. Our website and landing pages are owned and operated by executive leads.

Form Submitted: The lead management tool looks for further validation. Our lead validation runs over 30 checks against 5 different sources to verify the accuracy of the lead data.

800 number calls in: It is directed to our call center for further validation. Each call will be screened to determine if the customer qualifies.

After reviewing our websites and the products & services offered, the customer can fill out our form or call tour toll-free 800 number.

Form Submission will be processed in real-time and delivered by email, text, post to your CRM, or even our new iPhone application to manage leads.

800 number calls will be live transferred to the phone number of your choice. You can review each transfer and record it through the lead management system we provide to you.

Leads get sold to 2-3 different competitors in your local market

As consumers, we want to know we are getting the best possible price. That does not mean we want to spend 3 days on the phone with sales agents. Lead Advisors solves this issue by only selling our live transfer leads to 1 business in the industry. Our leads are 100% exclusive!