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Tired of Low ROI Internet Web Leads?

Purchasing leads is a necessary evil if you want to grow your business and most companies have the same issues.

Leads get sold to 2-3 different competitors in your local market

As consumers we want to know we are getting the best possible price, however that does not mean we want to spend 3 days on the phone with sales agents. Lead Advisors Solves this issue by only selling our live transfer leads to only 1 business that offers the product!

Leads are incentivized to covert and all leads are interested to hear more about your products but also within the filter of your lead parameters choice

Our leads are not incentivized at all which translates to higher intent leads.

Leads are impossible to get ahold of

Leads frequently stop answering their phone after the first few hours since they were not expecting 15 phone calls in 10 minutes & instead of all that, we will WARM TRANSFER CALLS to your agents, no cold live transfer or blind calls.

Attempting to return a lead is nearly impossible

Most lead vendors only credit leads for inaccurate contact information. Lead Advisors has the most comprehensive credit policy in the industry. Never again pay for a live transfer lead that doesn’t pass our QA lead validation & evaluation team.

Consistency in volume

3 Lead Monday, 14 leads on Tuesday, 6 leads on Wednesday. How can you expect your Agents to sell on a consistent basis when lead volume is not consistent, our proprietary technology allows you to set your daily volume per agent. If you need 6 leads per day per agent consider it done.

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