The campaign must be completed within 60 days of your campaign going live.

3 business days or less from the time your order is placed & paid for.

As many as you want as long as your target demographics are wide enough to have enough leads.

Having a warm friendly voice goes a long way on the phone. If you have experience taking incoming calls, you must follow the model intro script and you will have great success.

Do not try to make a sale on the phone. Your goal should be to evaluate if there are any benefits available for the customer prior to getting into the sales process

Yes, please email our [email protected] for any updates required.

Yes, in real time 24/7 (you will receive a login information once your account is activated).

Any transfer in which you follow the provided script in a professional manner and during the first minute of the recording the caller states that they are not interested, or for any reason, they’ve been mistakenly transferred, you may submit for a replacement credit during the 48 hours following the transfer by using your customer portal login and requesting a refund online; or by emailing [email protected] in the following format: email subject should read “Refund Request”, and the email should include: the phone number of the caller & the date and time of the call. Our quality assurance team will listen to the call-in question and reply within 24 hours or less and credit your account once their review is completed.

Any other type of disputes or refund requests can be submitted through our lead portal within 72 hours of receiving the call and it will be handled on a case by case scenario due to flexibility of services and programs we offer.

Here’s what qualifies for credit:

  • Calls that are not interested within the first 2 minutes of the call
  • You must stay on model intro script for the first 2 minute in a professional, courteous tone.
  • Prospect asks to be taken off list, or makes it very clear they are not interested.



Here’s what does not qualify for credit:

  • Calls not taken on a land line.
  • Quote pricing and sales
  • Hang-ups
  • Requesting call backs.

Call the prospect back as soon as possible. Missed calls are not valid for credit as you may control the speed of your campaign through our order capacity. Call back verified by a Quality Assurance Team member and upon verification they release the lead information to you for call back.  

If a prospect is transferred to you and hangs-up, that transfer is credited if the call is below 60 seconds. There are several reasons that a prospect might hang up before you answer the phone including: you took too long to answer (too many rings), the provided script wasn’t followed, the tone of voice used by the person answering the call didn’t sound friendly to the prospects, etc. You can always call back a “hang up” after the hand-off is completed which takes about 30-45 seconds. Customers usually don’t hang up after the hand off is completed.

Calls must be taken on a hard wired land line to qualify for replacement. Calls taken on cell phones, magic jack, Skype and the like to not qualify for replacement.