What's the difference between an answering service
and a virtual receptionist service?

The stereotypical answering service is known to be impersonal, un-relatable and that their receptionists are only capable of undemanding tasks. A LeadAdvisors Virtual Receptionist can help you with so much more; upholding your companies image through each call as if the receptionist was right in your office, seamlessly transferring calls and keeping you in the loop for each call is what having a virtual receptionist is all about.

1. If I don't have a phone number, will you provide one to me?

Absolutely! We are here to make this transition as smooth as possible for you. For this reason, we offer and designate either a toll-free number or a local number that you are free to use even after your service.

2. What are your hours?

Your receptionist answers calls live Monday-Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM your local time zone. If you would need a receptionist to answer your calls live after hours, for a minimal fee, the receptionist can fabulously handle your calls Monday-Friday 5:30 AM PST to 9:00 pm PST and Saturday & Sunday from 8:30 AM PST through 5:00 PM PST. Besides these hours, we offer many automated options at no additional charge.

3. Do you answer my calls live?

With Pleasure! Fitting to our hours, every call that rings is answered by our wonderful receptionists in a sparkling, lively and inviting tone. When we are open, you will never miss a call again, and none of your callers will ever have to reach an automated greeting when they can speak with the receptionist instead!

4. How do you transfer a caller to me?

Below is a common walk-thru of the receptionist's call-handling (which is completely adjustable to your business)

  • With your personalized greeting, the call is answered by the receptionist.
  • After saying such phrases to the effect of "May I say who is calling? Thank you Max Greene, May I tell Susie Smith what your call is regarding?" the receptionist then places your caller on a brief hold while she tries your line.
  • The receptionist then attempts to contact you and if successful provides you with the information she acquired. You can then either afaqept the call in which the caller will be transferred immediately. Conversely, if the call is declined, the receptionist can offer your caller voicemail or to personally take a message which is then emailed to you instantly
5. Can you transfer calls to my cell phone or to my home phone?

Certainly! Receptionist will transfer your calls to any designated phone numbers you have provided whether it is a home line, your cell phone, an office line, etc. With your guidance, the receptionist can try your cell phone line first, then your office and vice versa, so we can best ensure that you are speaking with everyone that is vital for you to speak with.

6. How do you know I'm available to take calls?

One of our key goals is to create a fabulous relationship with you; thus, keeping open communication is fundamental. For example, if you are stepping out of your office and you will be on your cell phone for a certain amount of time, let the receptionist know. We will then call your cell phone to reach you as an alternative. If you are out of the country, unavailable for the day, in meetings or etc., we will relay the message to your callers and offer voicemail or to relay a message.

7. What happens when I'm unavailable to take calls?

Whenever you are unavailable, the receptionist will offer between your voicemail which will be sent directly to your voicemail box, or the receptionist will offer to take a message and email it to you, or simply whichever you feel is best.

8. How do I receive my messages?

Depending on which option you chose, you can either have messages left on your voicemail or messages texted or emailed to you, so they are readily available.

9. Where are the receptionists located?

The receptionist is located in our family built facility in Las Vegas, Nevada.

10. What is a "receptionist minute"?

A receptionist minute refers to only being charged for the time in which the receptionist is directly involved in the call. For example, you will not be charged additionally per message, per transfer or the time in which you speak with the caller.

11. What happens if I go over the minutes on my plan?

If you happen to go over your plan, any additional minutes used will just be prorated. If further down the road you feel the need to add more minutes, you are more than welcome to adjust your current plan.

12. Can you make outgoing calls on my behalf?

Need to confirm your appointments for the following work day? Have vital information you need to gather or relay to a client? The receptionist can help lighten your load. These calls are additionally billed to your monthly plan.

13. I have more than one business, can they share an afaqount?

Of Course! Your businesses can share the minutes you have for just a small fee.

14. Where do you provide service?

The Receptionist can make calls anywhere in the United States and also answers calls internationally.

15. Is there a long-term contract?

Not at all! Initially, you are able to cancel in the first 30 days without any sort of long notice. After those initial 30 days we do require a 30 day cancellation notice.

16. How do I start free 14 day trial period?

By simply completing the online service agreement that will prompt an LeadAdvisors team member to call and chat with you to make sure everything is ready to go. Once you have been welcomed, you are ready to start your first 14 days at no cost or obligation.