Generate online visitors by taking your MEDIA COVERAGE to the next level!

  • Enhance your brand awareness, web presence, and credibility
  • Build long-term organic traffic growth
  • Boost your SEO, Domain Authority & URL rating against competitors
  • Increase your chances to get verified on Social Media

How it Works

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Step 1 - Strategy Call

In our 30 minute discovery call, we overview your products and services. Then, we perform a quick audit on your site structure, customer persona, and ideal goals. From there, we discuss your next move.

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Step 2 - Campaign Analysis

After reviewing your current structure and goals, we’ll set up a quick plan. The plan establishes two key objectives to accomplish during our first 3 to 6 months of the campaign. You get final approval.

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Step 3 - Execution

With goals set up, our team gets to work. We’ll optimize and implement the agreed upon plan to get conversions and search engine rankings increased across your site.

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Step 4 - Evaluation

We monitor the performance across the site, noting potential improvements and expansions. By checking performance throughout the process, we can constantly adapt for the best results.

User behavior and customer journey audit

We analyze various user heatmaps within your current set up. If you’re new to customer analytics, then we’ll build you a process to monitor the customer journey and behavior on your pages.

We customize you an interactive, step-by-step funnel process to visualize the customer journey. That way, we ensure you'll be prepared for any market changes.

Bolster Your Brand Identity Through

  • Earned Media Opportunities (free media)
  • Extensive social proof and media coverage
  • More leverage negotiating with influencers and social platforms
Studies show 58% more users convert when they trust a brand through third party content.

Improve Your SEO With:

  • Informative articles that establish you as an authority in your industry
  • Highly targeted keywords
  • Link-building with our high-authority partner sites
Depending on your objectives and budget, our branded content campaigns typically receive 3,000+ visits, 10K+ impressions in the first 7 days, and 1,000’s of visits over time.

Strategy Customization

We customize your strategy based on data-driven insights. Depending on your industry, current performance, and target audience, you’ll receive a robust plan to make the most of your marketing efforts.

We continuously optimize, update, and refresh your content for a small quarterly editorial fee to ensure you receive long-term benefits.

Increase Sales
Automate checkout processes with powerful integrations. Boost sales by up to 91% using Add-Ons & Upsells to sell your other products. Offer 1-time payments, subscriptions, and payment plans for the ultimate flexibility.

Are You Struggling With Any of These Areas?

We can help! Schedule your free strategy call to start planning and improving the online presence of your business. The sooner you schedule, the sooner you’ll start seeing performance increases across your site.


Yes, we can do it all for you, we will analyze your existing set up and we ill give you a list of recommendations based on your industry niche and use case 

Brands with effective landing pages are 12 times more likely to get leads. The truth is, that many websites are poorly optimized for user experience and search engines, due to technical problems such as slow load times, broken links, lack of Google page experience, and don’t publish enough engaging evergreen content. As a result, businesses end up with low conversion rates and frustrated users who leave the site without converting. 

We are masters of execution when it comes to great landing pages. A great landing page is an investment in the future of your business.

We help you tell your story through artistic design to develop your brand identity. We highlight your brand, or talk about a keyword that relates to your industry and feature you in top 10% news publishers! We help you tell your story through artistic design to develop your brand identity. We highlight your brand’s solutions and align them with your goals.

Yes! One of the top priorities for you to convert your cold traffic to loyal subscribers and into customers is generating helpful, informative content that resonates with your audience and helps them gain knowledge that they don’t get anywhere else. 

Yes, conversion rate optimization is very important and the term explains its objectives. Improving customer journey, and identifying heatmaps and monitoring user behavior will allow you to generate 8-10% more in subscribers and lead conversions. 

You will have an opportunity to align business goals, and objective key results through a discovery call. We review things like the number of visitors, bounce rate, average position on Google search results based on specific keywords and help your brand/domain authority to increase while we polish every step in your sales funnel to ensure your conversions increase as your search engine visibility increases.

We define results by providing you with before and after, analytics and tracking depending to your case by case requirements. 

We will set up data-driven goals that can be tracked and optimized as the campaign start learning our main keywords, topics, and market segmentation we’re targeting through the online platforms selected to drive traffic. 

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