What are Lead Generation Forms?

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Before we jump into Lead Generation forms. Let’s have a wide look over “Lead Generation” and why do we require “Lead Generation forms”.

Lead generation is basically a process of converting strangers and prospects into someone who has shown interest in the company’s product or service.

Examples of lead generators are blog posts, live events, coupons, job applications, and online content.

Why Do We Require Lead Generation Forms?

Would you be able to recall any single experience where you sign up with an email address or fill a form to get some information and you are amazed by the simplicity and speed of submission of information boxes?

Maybe or maybe not, most come up with the answer NOT.

Lead generation forms are very important for the Business- as with them you attract the website visitors and turn them into quality leads.

You can’t afford a form on your website that will not leave the visitors with a positive and great experience.

That’s why we come up with the Lead generation forms that will create an awesome user experience and help to increase the conversion rate.

A great Lead generation form with a strong call to action is the key to convert an anonymous web visitor into a known quality lead.

With the right tactics, you can design forms that not only ease the concerns people have about sharing their information but also excite them and generate more interest in what you offer.

Lead Advisors specializes in landing pages and lead generation forms, Check out these optimized lead generation forms samples.

1. Slack

Slack makes lead generation form easy and simple by using the technique “multi-step”. The form first asks about your email addresses then takes you to another landing page to fill a few more necessary form fields.

Matching their brand’s aesthetic the company includes fun animations that don’t distract you from completing the form.

Key points:

•   Simple, straightforward and easy

•   Divided into multiple steps /pages

•   Unique animations

2. Optimizely

A bright and bold “Get Started” Call to action button in the top right corner of Optimizely’s Landing Page.

On the click of that button, their lead generation form appears in a popup box with a dimmed background, that make the form easy to read. The form appears shorter with the two-column format.

Key points:

•   Bright and bold Call to action button on the landing page

•   The form appears in a popup box (background dims)

•   Form’s two-column format trick makes it appear shorter in length

3. Unmetric

 A great experiment with a form that doesn’t give an impression of a form. Form fields are displayed in a horizontal format rather than vertical.

It means you might not have the same guarded reaction that you normally have when you see a vertical form.

So enter your information like email addresses, name and other relevant information is quite easy.

Key points:

•   Form fields are placed Horizontally.

•   The User does not get the same guarded reaction.

4. Dropbox

The lead generation form opens up when you click on the CTA button placed on the company’s landing page.

The form has only four required form fields and the form with the sign in using your Google account email address, this speed up the completion process.

Key points:

•   Clear Call to action button quality leads to the landing page

•   Only 4 required form fields

•   Optional to sign in with Google account

5. eToro

 The form is integrated with social platforms such as Facebook, Google Plus or LinkedIn.

It gives you the ability to complete your form with information from those Social platforms.

You just need to enter the email addresses of any of those social platforms.  It saves time and makes the form easier to complete, satisfy the top priority of lead generating forms with high conversion rates.

Key points:

•   Completion of forms using Social media platforms.

•   Satisfy the top priority of Lead generation forms, as it makes the complete process fast.

6. Sentient Ascend

Call to action button (bright orange and placed in the hero section of the page) is the first thing you see when you open the company’s website.

The form clearly specifies the necessary fields. For the Longer response, the company provides the optional long-text entry field.

Key points:

•   Noticeable Call to action button

•   The form clearly mentions the required and non-required fields

•   Comment freely with Long-text entry field

7.  Oracle

 A description of the reasons why so many companies use their product makes Oracle’s lead generation form unique. They entice you to sign up using social proof.

An asterisk placed next to each required field to avoid confusion. A simple math question at the end of the form, ensuring only humans are signing up (Works in a similar way to a CAPTCHA).

Key points:

•   To encourage submissions from uses social proof and product benefits

•   Asterisks show the necessary fields  

8. Wealthfront

The lead generation form is in a way that appears you to be a series of survey questions rather than a traditional form.

The formatting helps to increase conversion rate. The form takes you to a new page for each field you complete.

Key Point:

•   The form is represented as a series of survey questions.

9. eHarmony

 When you enter the site lead generation form is the first thing you see with the message signup is free.

An added incentive considering eHarmony is a paid dating service. The unique form design with colorful

circles that acts as checkboxes is pleasing. Sign up process is quick for visitors with only five form fields.

Key points:

•   The form is first you see

•   Unique form design

•   Signup incentive

10. Microsoft Small Business Academy

 The Lead generation form is consists of multiple reasons why you should register. They add excitement with short bios about the webcast’s featured guests.

The form is located in a separate box, making everything on the page easy to read and the form easy to complete.

The form is located in a separate box, making everything on the page easy to read and the form easy to complete.

Key points:

•   Reasons are specified why you should sign up

•   Listed details about the webcast’s features and guest speakers

12.  Bizness Apps

 The lead generation form is plain. The title of the form states its purpose and there is also a reCAPTCHA at the bottom of the form that ensures only quality leads to submit for processing.

Key Points:

•   Simple design

•   The title clearly states the purpose

•   reCAPTCHA to verify the quality leads

Lead Advisors Advice

Lead generation not only creates a great user experience but also responsible to increase conversion rate.

The key points and tips mentioned above will help you to build a great lead generation form that works for your business, and brand.

Try to implement the above mentions tactics in your own form and see the magic. How fast your number of conversions rate will increase.

Don’t forget to share your experience with the above-mentioned tactics.


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