Our Lead Generation Process!

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Lead Generation Process must be tested and optimized in order to work and maximize each click the prospect lead gives you.

Where do we get our leads?

We are not a press 1 campaign. We have Facebook leads that are synthesized with other types of consumer data such as online and via email.

All of our leads are from outbound campaigns derived through a live agent dialed real-time and each qualifying question is verified by Quality Manager through our lead automation system.

We are responsible for developing and implementing marketing campaigns, such as outbound dialing or virtual assistant support.

We focus on helping other enterprises or small business owners have more peace of mind working on their business while we assist them with their marketing and support needs.

Our Customers are our partners and we manage their marketing plan with full integrity and consistency with results.

Our passion of data analysis, targeting consumers by various of analytics with online marketing and direct mail experience has brought us to a breaking point where we exactly wanted to be and we want you to be as extension of our company and know that we’re successful if our customers are successful and that all starts there!

We target our marketing lists and identify your targets to get better conversions & we tailor all geographic and market research based on each product.

Capturing Leads

We analyze, research and tailor our marketing to fit your target demographic to bring you the most qualified candidates.

Verifying Leads

We analyze, qualify and verify all prospects based on your parameters before live transfering them to your sales team.

Quality Leads

Because we specialize in search-generated leads, we can target any demographic based on any parameter.

This means you will never waste time on unqualified leads.

High Converting Products

Our high converting  Lead Generation Process is designed to help your business improve Contact Rate and Conversion Rate by providing agents with qualified leads from the highest converting sources with an assurance that their leads are from interested prospects with priority on those with the greatest intent.

Are you ready to generate more sales and revenue? Call Lead Advisors today, (888) 761-9139 and ask about our lead packages for your industry.


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