How To Write Guest Blogs That Generate Leads

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Guest blogging has been a staple for generating leads. You publish online articles recommending your products or services and usually end with a call to action. Eventually, readers will click your CTA and become qualified leads. Then, your sales team should be ready to convert the incoming sales lead generation.

Learn how guest blogging generates leads for many businesses. You may start blog posting by looking for ideal publications. Then, perform the steps to writing blogs, such as learning about your target audience and optimizing your content. Also, this requires the use of paid and free tools.

Digital strategies need a well-rounded assortment of tactics. Your brand and business need to dominate all suitable channels. Guest blogging helps you reach demographics from other websites. These articles take a long time to generate leads, but they build your business and brand authority over time.

Finding the best publications for your guest posts


Guest blogs let you generate leads with the help of other websites. You can’t just post on just any website, though.

Some of the most recommended publications for guest articles or blogs are Linkedin Pulse and The Huffington Post. However, it would help if you are looking for publications that are suitable for your brand.

Make sure your articles match the site’s subject matter. For instance, finance websites may only accept finance articles. Read their existing articles to learn their preferred writing style.

Then, check their guidelines for guest bloggers. Learn what requirements you need to submit as an aspiring writer. You should also check their contact information to learn more.

Once they accept you, make sure to follow their format. Write similar to the other articles, and always link to your sources.

Benefits of Guest Blogging and Lead Generation

Benefits of Guest BloggingThe benefits of guest blogging posting are many. It can help you grow an email list, increase traffic and the number of people who share your content on social media, and create lead generation for your business or company without being seen as spammy, somewhat like ads.

Guest blog posts create leads for your business, albeit at a slow pace. However, it’s an indispensable part of inbound marketing strategies.

  • Blogs build trust in your audience – Guest blogs for lead generation strategy should inform and engage readers. As more people read your articles, they soon trust your content. Eventually, this builds your brand authority.

  • Guest articles increase sales revenue – Data from different companies and businesses suggest that these blogs increased their earnings and a possible lead. Your results may vary, though, so you should craft and publish content carefully.

Guest blogs improve email marketing – Building your prospect email list can be difficult. These articles can help you gather more email addresses in the long run.

As we’ve mentioned, writing a blog post is only one part of an effective campaign. Online articles can create leads for your business in the long term, along with your faster strategies.

Research Your Target Demographic

Research Your Target DemographicSimilar to your business, your online articles should cater to a target audience, then making it easier to have a great way to generate leads. It’s the first step in writing blogs that effectively generate leads.

One of the best practices to understand your ideal customers is by creating a customer avatar. It’s a fictional character that embodies the characteristics of your potential customers, such as:

  • Biographical information – These are essential details like their name, age, gender, location, income, job, etc. It’s important to know what demographic your leads are.

  • Principles and values – Understand the ideals they uphold. These also include their aspirations, leads, and goals in life.

  • Pain points – Everyone has lingering problems that keep them awake at night. Your blog post may offer the solution they need.

  • Favorite sources of entertainment and information – Check their preferred page or a site and media. If they prefer specific news sources, those could give insights into their behavior.

  • Their role in buying stuff – Adult customers can pay for a type of product or service independently. In contrast, children have to ask permission from adults. This is important for understanding where leads come from.

  • Objections to your product – Check the new leads and factors that prevent them from buying what your business or industry has to offer.

Customer Research Tools for Lead Generation Strategies

You can check other sources to understand your target demographic further with leads. Fortunately, most of them are accessible for free.

You may start by checking the US Census Bureau if you’re making a name for yourself in the United States. If you’re from another country, check your nation’s census bureau.

What’s more, you can check Facebook Audience Insights to learn about your current customers. The social media platform, like LinkedIn and Facebook, helps businesses process ways to generate leads with this tool.

Make Your Content Interesting on a Landing Page

All lead generation strategies are designed to attract customer attention. Consequently, you must write blogs that audiences find interesting.

From streaming services to social media, with Facebook and LinkedIn, people have many distractions nowadays. They could quickly check other websites if they get bored of your content and affect your lead generation strategy.

Thankfully, there is a great way to write blogs that make high-quality leads. These involve more than just writing a compelling blog or article.

Steps In Writing The Best Blogs

Steps In Writing The Best Blogs

  1. Start with an enticing headline – Your blog’s first header determines if readers would check the rest of your content and help the opportunity to find more leads.

  2. Write long-form content – Nowadays, more detailed and extensive blogs net the most social shares. What’s more, they rank better with Google.

  3. Make sure your article is useful – Your blogs should solve other people’s problems. In time, more readers would trust your content.

  4. Add relevant images – Most people can’t bear to read text-only articles. Place relevant photos or infographics in between your paragraphs to get more leads and sales to your site. These serve as breaks between your headings, and they could provide a better understanding of your topic.

  5. Include high-ranking keywords – Learn the process of words your readers use when searching stuff online. Then, use those terms in your guest blogs. This increases the likelihood that people will head to your page, site, and possible sales.

  6. Link to reputable sources – Make sure you get information from credible sources and cite them properly. In turn, your articles become a reliable source for your potential clients.

  7. Make sure your blogs link to each other – This ensures that an audience and its readers will check your other blogs. As a result, your articles increase sales and traffic from visitors and generate more leads.

These steps will make your writing not only good but more structured and thorough. This, in turn, will allow Google or other search browsers to pick up on the article’s structure and possibly score better on ranking or within SEO.

Offer content upgrades

You should offer supplementary materials once your audience finishes reading your blog. These are the calls-to-action (CTA) typically at the end of online articles. It helps the structure that can help your possibility of lead generation.

These are also called content upgrades, and they provide more free value for your readers. Moreover, offering a free ebook or slide presentation serves as an effective lead capture method through this service.

Require your demographic to provide their email addresses in exchange for incentives and bonuses. Details like this can help you nurture and generate leads for your business or industry in the other stages of your sales funnel.

Optimize your content to generate leads for your business

Optimize your contentWe’ve mentioned using specific keywords that help you rank high in search results. This method is also known as search engine optimization (SEO).

You may start by performing keyword research. Try searching for the type of product or service your brand or company offers. Typically, you’ll find the most used keywords you need at the bottom. This can lead you in the right direction.

What’s more, you may check Google Trends for trending keywords. It lets you check popular keywords in various countries and compare the ones you’ve found. This can create more relevant content.

Keywords are Your Best Friend to Generate Leads

Add those keywords to your guest posts and a landing page. These will help them with generating leads more effectively.

Furthermore, you should check your progress on Google Analytics. It’s a free service that lets you track lead generation metrics such as conversion rate.

However, you’ll need paid services to check your competitors. Use tools like SEMRush to learn the keywords they’re using, so you could further improve your SEO.

Final Thoughts

Guest blogging helps you generate more leads in the long run. As your articles become a reliable source of information, your brand’s authority builds up, creates more traffic, and leads to your company’s landing pages.

Most marketing campaigns use multiple methods. Content marketing is just part of your inbound marketing. You also need outbound marketing that typically uses cold emails.

Your lead generation efforts need other strategies, such as posting ads. Create profiles on social channels to get more referrals, a possible lead, and visitors to your landing page.

Also, it would help if you had qualified marketing automation and online lead generation tools for an effective campaign. This includes CRM services, databases, and other B2B marketing solutions in the industry.

This will require extensive planning and an expert marketing team. The group members need time for lead scoring for MQLs and SQLs.

Most businesses or companies don’t have time nor budget to spare for digital marketing. Fortunately, you could outsource to digital marketing agencies like LeadAdvisors.

From expertise to equipment, LeadAdvisors can generate more leads for you. Their teams can handle and lead your marketing while concentrating on other aspects of your business or company.


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