How To Get Famous On Instagram

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Instagram has become one of the dominant social media sharing platforms, catering to over 700 million different monthly users. Many are familiar with Instagram; you may have friends, family, and even co-workers that use Instagram for a bunch of different reasons. These include keeping in touch with other people, documenting memorable events, and even promoting your personal image, brand, or company.

This last category is what we will be discussing in this article; what tools and tactics can you employ on your Instagram profile to become famous. We have gathered the top advice that will help you to get famous on Instagram in no time.

There are certainly best practices that will allow you to become famous on Instagram. We have compiled the best Instagram strategies that will help carry you to fame in 2019.

Identify Your Instagram Niche

Before you begin researching strategies to become famous on Instagram, it is important to really figure out what you want to promote on the platform. This can be your passion, your product, a service, or any subject matter that you want to become massively popular on Instagram.

What is important is that your audience stays engaged with this material. Your original content or brand image must be something that Instagram users can view regularly, and continue to grow with your account. By finding the appropriate industry or topic to build your account upon, you can provide real value to your audience and quickly become Instagram famous.

Build Your Follower Foundation

One of the first steps towards becoming famous on Instagram is attracting the first followers that will serve as the ground-level platform for your brand or company. The obvious place to start is with immediate family members and local friends. At this point, every follower matters, as exposure to your account will increase with every added user to your Instagram follower base.

This stage can be intimidating, especially for those who have never used a social media account for promotion, but can quickly become a fun process of getting your passion out into the community.

Connect with Competition

If there is one thing that is essential to the Instagram experience, it is staying in connection with other people. All the benefits of the social media platform are made possible through this connectivity, so it is important, not only to identify your competitors and role-models in the industry, but to also communicate with them for ideas, exposure, and inspiration.

You can look through competitor content to become familiar with attractive marketing methods. Further, establishing a good relationship with them often leads to engagement and “shoutouts,” which mean more opportunities for you to get famous on Instagram.


Hashtags are critical and can promote substantial exposure when used properly on your Instagram content. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing hashtags and looking at the value they offer to your brand.

By using the optimal hashtags for your material, you may be featured on the “explore” feed of Instagram, a front-page section of the platform that displays the most popular content, usually sorted by hashtag. If you aren’t getting displayed with your hashtags, try using more refined, specific hashtags to target a more particular audience base.

On the contrary, if your original hashtags were successful in getting you more exposure, consider adding even broader hashtags to grab an even larger piece of user attention. The key here is to find a balance in your hashtag choice; the tags should be specific to your niche, but general enough to get new followers.

Seek Real Engagement

The Instagram algorithms used to determine the quality of content can tell when you have non-genuine user engagement. This means that if you have a ton of followers with very little activity, your account is less credible than those that have an active, dynamic user base. This type of real engagement is important, as it shows Instagram and Instagram users that your content is legitimate.

One great form of this is getting featured. You can have your brand or content featured through various media sources, or even through another Instagram account.

When viewers see your content being promoted by other accounts, especially if they are in your same niche or industry, your Instagram followers are likely to grow substantially.

“Shoutouts” are another great form of genuine engagement. By ‘shouting out’ to other account profiles, or having them ‘shout out’ to you, your account becomes part of a larger Instagram community. If you really want get famous on Instagram, you need to leverage the exposure of the whole community base. It cannot be overemphasized that genuine, friendly interaction on Instagram is key to becoming Instagram famous.

Engagement Groups – Engagement groups can be an effective way to get a lot of people to like and comment on your content in a short period of time, usually indicating to the Instagram software that your material is highly relevant. While this tactic can prove to be massively successful, these groups are not advertised or promoted. To enter into one of these engagement groups, your best bet is directly contacting users within your niche or industry.

Regardless, the Instagram algorithm is not static; updates may change the power that large scale engagement has on your popularity. In other words, Instagram may soon be able to identify these groups as artificial promotion.

Instagram Famous – Tactics to Avoid

While there are many tips to get your content up in the Instagram ranks, there are also actions that may damage your account or brand image. These include:

-Duplicate content

-Spam postings

-Not responding to comments

-Too much content

-Irrelevant or broad hashtags

-Re-posting other accounts’ content

Clearly, the journey to becoming famous on Instagram can be complexed. Fortunately, there is an abundance of opportunity on this massively popular media platform- over a billion monthly users are expected to be present on Instagram in 2019. Keep these strategies in mind when forming your account theme and content, and make sure to keep it real to really get famous on Instagram in 2019.


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