How to Generate Leads?

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The call center industry has changed significantly over the years due to new regulations and technology. In response, LeadAdvisors now focuses on the B2B and financial sector and generates thousands of leads daily. That is why I finally updated this blog.

This article will elaborate on how to write blogs effectively. The info here is based on the crucial role of call centers in gaining more customers and better communicating with them.

This article is the culmination of LeadAdvisors experience. In celebration of our 12th anniversary, we are passing it on to you.

Why is generating leads so crucial for small business owners?

Leads main funnel

On June 30, 2022, I assisted our editor in updating this article. Meanwhile, I looked back ten years ago when LeadAdvisors struggled to handle customers with our answering call center services.

When I compare those days to the present, I realize the radical shift that lead generation took as time passed. Nowadays, online tools and services dominate the industry.

Video marketing has become the most prevalent strategy for online marketing campaigns. Surprisingly, even this recent development drastically changed over time.

Consumers now prefer short-form videos that last less than a minute. They tune in to TikTok clips, Instagram Stories, and similarly brief video content.

Yet, the most significant high-ticket transactions came from our call center automation and live transfer campaigns. LeadAdvisors and I have learned one crucial lesson after all those years.

We realized that lead generation is a skill that requires an understanding of your intended market and audience. Successful small business owners are always looking for the best ways to increase their customer base by generation through leads.

This description is especially true for high-ticket industries like debt consolidation, mortgage bank broker, insurance, private lending, and business merchant cash advance sector.

The path to success for every business is a long and arduous one. However, a proven way to deliver results for an online business is to maintain a steady supply of visitors.

You can maximize your email and digital marketing efforts to boost conversion rates and sales. Here are some tips to help your growing business generate more leads and attract more customers.

Outbound Lead Generation vs. Inbound Lead Generation

Lead generation

Before we begin, we should know the difference between outbound and inbound lead generation. Outbound lead generation also goes by the name “interruption marketing.”

It is when a business promotes messages to the target audience, no matter if people express interest in the content. Outbound lead generation involves follow-up calls to people who may still have an interest in the company’s offerings.

Most of its methods involve costs that quickly accumulate. As a result, businesses use this type of campaign for selling instead of educating or serving their customers.

On the other hand, inbound lead generation creates content intended to attract visitors and turn them into new leads. It uses methods such as social media channels and blog posts.

However, another critical factor sets it apart from outbound strategies. Inbound lead generation does not force prospects to interact with a brand.

Instead, it makes your company more discoverable on search engines and social media networks. In other words, it brings control to potential customers instead of the business.

Inbound lead generation strategies focus on assisting audiences instead of selling them products or services. As a result, this campaign generates more leads from prospects who have already done their due diligence regarding your brand.

Planning Lead Generation For Your Website

Planning lead generation

We’ve covered the different types of generation through leads. Now, the next step is to create a plan for generating leads.

Specifically, we will explain how lead generation works for debt services. Let us say your company is in that industry.

It starts with questions like “How can I get rid of debt fast?” and “Can I settle my debt for less?”

Then, be more specific by looking at other personal details. You can gain the following information from web forms like newsletters:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Address
  • Employment status
  • Contact information

Of course, you should check the information regarding their debts. For example, a debt consolidation firm should look into outstanding balances and average salaries.

These details allow the firm to select the most appropriate services for the client. Also, they will know how to promote their offerings to these people.

Generate traffic

Generate traffic

To attract leads, the company must first accumulate website traffic and turn them into prospects. They use the following methods:

  • Online forms
  • Social posts
  • Inbound calls
  • Email subscriptions
  • Influencer marketing automation
  • Client referrals and testimonials
  • Guest posts
  • Website sales funnels

Two Types of Lead Processes

Lead Loading

A lead process is the customer acquisition process. It’s ussed to identify potential buyers and qualify them to pass from the prospect stage to sales leads.

There are two highly effective lead processes that you can implement on your website:

  • Inbound phone calls through call-to-action on your website.
  • Online contact form inquiry or webform leads

Also, here are the platforms that can guarantee more leads:

  • Online news channels
  • Online promos and ads

What Do You Need to Start Generating Leads?

Google analytics lead generation
  1. Launch a fully-optimized landing page.
  2. Install Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel.
  3. Set up Google Ad Manager and retargeting code
  4. Create business pages for Facebook and Instagram.
  5. Post on social media at least twice or thrice a week.
  6. Hire an ad manager or consultant.

Talk to an Expert

To learn more about our company and comprehensive online lead generation campaign management services, visit LeadAdvisors

We have built 12 years of lead generation experience and are here to help you. Increase your sales leads and grow your business by designing an effective lead generation strategy.


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