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How to Generate Debt Leads is not as complicated as you may thing but you need to understand what to look for in each of the debt lead niches and how to qualify prospective clients from your debt leads list.

The debt ratio in the average household continues to climb year by year. From credit cards and student loans to quick cash loans and mortgages, borrowers are finding themselves with more debt than they are feasibly able to repay, causing them to borrow more.

This circle of borrow, pay, repeat keeps a majority of the country paying minimum monthly payments and never seeing any relief.

When they have had enough, it is when they look for your services and the opportunity to Generate Debt Leads is yours for the taking.

 So, how can you find those who are in need of debt relief while still being within the spectrum of being a desired client?

To know how to find debt leads that are worth your time, one must first understand the basics of what each debtor is looking for what types of debt leads are available.

Types of Debt Leads

Understanding that debt comes in many forms is the first step to finding the best debt leads out there.

Listed are the most common types of debt leads available and a brief explanation of each.

Debt Consolidation Lead

As mentioned above, two of the top forms of debt most people face today are those of credit cards and student loans. With either of these debt types, interest rates and multiple payments become the issue.

Everyone is looking for lower interest rates and to make fewer payments monthly, causing them to look for debt consolidation loans and with an optimized landing page should be easy to Generate Debt Leads.

With the level of debt, most carry when applying for debt consolidation loans, the consumer’s debt often becomes a hindrance to the loan itself. When looking for leads in this niche, you want to make sure that your debt leads are coming from someone who knows how to weed out those who do not qualify for consolidation loans.

This screening process leaves you with genuine prospects that allow you to help those who understand that paying off high-interest loans and having fewer payments is the way to find debt relief.

Genuine debt leads from the proper channels that allow for higher rates of follow-through and completion.

Bankruptcy Lead

With the number of people in debt who are living paycheck to paycheck, bankruptcy help is finding an increasing demand.

Leads in this niche need to come from a trustworthy source.

One that offers information about your services right on their website for those who are looking to utilize bankruptcy as a means for needed debt relief.

With debt leads that come from pre-screenings for these leads that include applicants who have attended debt counseling and qualify under the Bankruptcy Act, who also understand the basics, you will have less work to do to convert them.

With these prospective customers coming into the conversation with an idea of the process, the leads are more likely to provide results.

Credit Counseling Lead

The credit counseling niche is in high demand with the number of people looking to find ways out of debt and wanting to understand the ways to get back to a good credit standing.

You want leads for people who understand what your company can provide them with and how this service will aid them in getting back on the path to financial health.

This understanding comes in the form of the information supplied to prospective clients through links to websites that explain the full concept of credit counseling and its benefits to individuals.

This informational approach allows your leads to be more productive and have higher results.

Tax Relief Lead

With an extensive understanding of the tax issues that consumers face and the benefits tax firms provide to these consumers, debt leads in this niche are from prospective clients who understand the concept of seeking advisement for their tax debt issues.

Consumers know the benefit of having their tax situation reviewed by someone who understands what can and cannot be done to help them.

You will receive tax debt leads that know the facts and are ready to be advised as to what their options are, allowing you to see more productive outcomes from your leads and turning more leads into clients.

Home Foreclosure Leads

When you utilize these home foreclosure debt leads, you will be receiving leads to prospective clients who are informed and educated as to the options they have and how you can help them.

These leads will be from homeowners who have been given all of the information they need to understand their circumstances and are ready to make a decision on the options they have, affording you more prospects who turn into verified clients.

Student Loans Leads

Student loan debt leads are one of the fastest-growing niches of debt leads right now.

With the number of students who are facing the burden of paying back these loans and looking for payments they can manage, you need leads for prospective clients with the knowledge of what options are available to them.

Taking the explanation process out of your hands and providing you with qualified prospects that are ready to convert into clients.

Debt Settlement Lead

Work with a debt lead company that understands the true meaning of a qualified debt settlement lead.

This understanding includes knowing the type of acceptable debt, the level of unsecured debt they can have, whether they are behind, do they have bankruptcies in their past, and their credit score.

With these questions being part of our debt settlement screening, you are sure to get leads that are not only qualified but also more likely to show results.

Generate Debt Leads that Convert

Working with a debt lead company that knows the ins and outs of debt issues and the problems consumers face is essential to finding leads that convert into clients by taking the opportunity to capture their info with a Lead Generation Form.

Let proven methods do the leg work for you and provide you with the means to take those prospective leads and turn them into relationships that help your business grow.


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