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We are excited to announce the release of our new online tool. Based on the functions provided, the tool is known as:


Retargeting can help optimize your digital advertising strategy by exposing your content specifically to a group of potential customers; usually, these individuals are clients that have visited your website. If you can direct your material and online content at these individuals who have already interacted with your brand, you are much more likely to convert these “views” into “sales.”


What Is Retargeting, Anyway?

Retargeting gives you the ability to reach website visitors that did not previously convert into customers on their first visit. With retargeting, you can display your ads or brand content to 98% of these individuals, making a sale conversion much more likely.

How Can I Use Retargeting?

Retargeting utilizes the cookie-based technology common in websites today. By simply placing the Javascript tag in the header and footer of your website code, you can easily implement retargeting. This software tool compiles a list of every visitor that has browsed your webpage. This list is then used by Traffic Roots to display these retargeted ads to relevant customers. These ads can then be displayed on other websites.

Since Traffic Roots is the largest cannabis friendly ad network, we are able to reach users on over 3,000 different websites.

Why Is Retargeting So Important?

If you can’t see how retargeting can really help your business, it is because retargeting generates greater online sales by keeping your brand relevant to users that weren’t converted prior. When users are searching for a product in your industry, your brand will be at the front of their memory due to the retargeting software. By keeping your content exposed to relevant users, retargeting can make a significant impact on your sales conversions.

Over time, your customer will become familiar with your brand, and see the value that your product can offer. You will increase click-through rates, exposure, and the number of content conversions by implementing this retargeting strategy.

Useful, right?

Mobile Facts:

– More than 46% of Americans check their smartphones before getting out of bed in the morning. (Tech Times, 2017)

– Over 51% of smartphone users have discovered a new company or product while searching on their smartphone. (Google, 2018)

How Can I Implement The Best Retargeting Strategy?

-Use Frequency Caps:

It is true that you want to expose your brand to potential customers, and retargeting can help increase the frequency of interactions between the customer and your content. However, over-exposure can be a problem, and actually have the opposite effect; if the potential customer gets annoyed by your product, they probably will not convert into a sale.

Frequency capping is a great tool that lets you limit the number of times a customer is presented your content. This limitation prevents users from getting overwhelmed by your brand, allowing them to become aware without becoming exhausted.

Clearly, if implemented properly, retargeting can prove to be a useful tool in creating brand awareness.

Remove Converted Users (Negative Retargeting):

Users that have already been converted into customers need to be removed from the retargeting program. If they continue to see your content, they are more likely to become irritated, potentially harming your brand reputation. This is where negative retargeting allows you to exclude users who have already purchased your product or service.
However, there may be an appropriate time to retarget past customers during the release of a new product, a new company service, or any event that might be relevant to previous buyers.

Segment Your Customers For Tailored Ads

Create segmented audience preferences to tailor micro-targeted messages or advertisements for a higher potential conversion rate. Traffic Roots enables you to analyze which ads have the best response, allowing you to decide which ads should be presented to which customers.  You can segment your target audiences to organize your customer base into different groups based on search preferences, trending history, and other specific features.

Retarget now to bring your brand to a whole new level. Use this tool to find the audience that is relevant to your brand or industry. Stop wasting your time showing content to people who do not care. Your customers are out there!


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