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If you need to boost your lead management, CRM software is the best choice. This tool lets you keep track of past leads to continue lead nurturing if you need it in the future. What’s more, it could serve as a hub for all the other aspects of your marketing, including your sales reps to your other software.

Your business deserves top-tier CRM tools, but there are so many options! We will show you our recommendations for the best CRMs for lead management! You have to choose the right one, so you can avoid wasting time and money and ensure yours will yield results.

Before we share our list, we will explain what CRM does and how it could benefit your company. Then, we will go through the benefits of CRM solutions for any business size. After that, we will talk about our list of the best CRM tools for lead generation. You’ll see the features for each one, so you can find the one that matches your needs.

What is CRM?

What is CRM?

The term stands for Customer Relationship Management, and it refers to generating leads along the sales funnel. You might be confused because it’s similar to lead management software.

CRM software manages customer relationships even after you’ve converted their leads. On the other hand, lead management tools don’t do anything after that. Also, CRM does the following:

  • Collaboration hub – As we said, a CRM links all your staff and software so that they can work as a team. It provides your staff with real-time data so that they can adapt quickly.
  • Boosts the sales process – CRMs feed customer updates to sales reps to find more leads.
  • Interaction tracking – The best CRMs let you monitor staff and customer interaction.
  • Lead status updates – CRMs still work as lead management systems as they provide real-time updates on these opportunities.

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The 7 Best CRMs for Lead Management

The 7 Best CRMs for Lead Management

  1. Hubspot – Overall best CRM for lead management
  2. SalesForce – Best CRM in affordability
  3. Zoho – Best CRM that’s simple and low-cost
  4. Managed Logix – Best CRM in versatility
  5. Velocify – Best CRM for real estate and mortgage firms
  6. DebtPayPro – Best CRM for financial services
  7. Nutshell – Best CRM with all the basics

#1. Hubspot – Overall best CRM for lead management

Hubspot - Overall best CRM for lead management

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As a well-known choice for marketing, Hubspot offers great CRM features for small and large businesses. If your brand is still growing, you’ll be glad to hear that it has free features:

  • Reporting dashboard – Hubspot’s CRM solution provides real-time updates from your sales pipeline. What’s more, it shows all this data on a clean dashboard.
  • Deal tracking – The free version allows unlimited users, and it lets you look over a million contacts with no time limit.
  • Pipelines management – Hubspot reports sales activity and productivity, so you can see how your team is doing.

If you want more from your CRM, you may pay for Hubspot’s CRM Suites. Each one provides access to five hubs: marketing, sales, service, CMS, and operations.

These hubs let you track each corresponding part of your business. Yet, the number of data you’ll get will depend on the price. The Starter Suite starts at $45 a month, allowing 1,000 contacts.

Meanwhile, the Professional Suite allows 2,000 marketing contacts and starts at $1,780 a month. The Enterprise suite costs $4,000 a month, with 10,000 contacts.

#2. SalesForce – Best CRM in affordability

SalesForce - Best CRM in affordability

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Here’s another big name in the digital marketing industry. As expected, Salesforce has a CRM, and its Sales Essentials Edition provides the following services for $25 a month:

  • Automatic data capture
  • Lead Management
  • Customizable Sales Process
  • Salesforce Mobile App
  • Collaboration
  • Smart mobile apps
  • Account and Contact Management
  • Task Management & Activity Feed
  • Chatter
  • Lightning App Builder
  • AppExchange

As you can see, it’s also an affordable choice for small businesses. Once your brand grows, you may upgrade to the Pro edition at $75 a month, Enterprise at $150, and Unlimited at $300.

#3. Zoho – Best CRM that’s simple and low-cost

Zoho - Best CRM that’s simple and low-cost

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Zoho CRM has your back if you need something simple and affordable as its plans have truly low costs. For example, here’s what you get from a $20 a month Standard plan:

  • Scoring rules
  • Pre-built web forms
  • Workflows
  • Multiple pipelines
  • Mass email
  • Custom dashboard

If you need more, you could choose the Professional plan at $35 a month, the Enterprise at $50, or the Ultimate at $65. Contact Zoho for more information.

#4. Managed Logix – Best CRM in versatility

Managed Logix - Best CRM in versatility

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This one’s especially a great CRM for Lead Management. Managed Logix’s service is an automated solution that allows you and your sales team to respond to leads faster.

This will help improve sales cycles and boost the number of activities your team can complete in a day. It’s made possible by managing Logix’s marketing and conversion reporting.

Managed Logix’s lead management service will provide your team with the best opportunities while ensuring no lead is left behind. It doesn’t provide exact pricing, though.

After all, Managed Logix makes sure to provide the features and pricing that suit your company. Reach out to the company for more information.

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#5. Velocify – Best CRM for real estate and mortgage firms

Velocify - Best CRM for real estate and mortgage firms

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This one’s more suitable for real estate and mortgage companies. After all, Velocify’s LoanEngage was made for mortgage and loan companies.

Yet, it offers general CRM solutions, such as the Velocify LeadManager. It helps sales teams find the right leads and match them with the right salesperson.

The LeadManager has two pricing plans: standard and advanced. The former costs $60 a month while the latter is worth $95, but they’re billed each year.

Like Managed Logix, you will have to reach out to Velocify to add the features you need and see how much they will cost.

#6. DebtPayPro – Best CRM for financial services

DebtPayPro - Best CRM for financial services

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Similar to DebtPayPro, this was made for financial services companies. DebtPayPro’s lead generation service has the following features:

  • Lead capture
  • SMS marketing
  • Automated follow-ups
  • Business rules
  • Campaign tracking

DebtPayPro has four CRM packages, but they don’t have exact pricing. You will have to reach out to this company to learn more about the costs.

#7. Nutshell – Best CRM with all the basics

Nutshell - Best CRM with all the basics

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Nutshell offers two services: Nutshell Sales and Nutshell Marketing. You may divide the former into the Starter and Pro plans. The Starter costs $22 a month and provides these services:

  • Communication timelines
  • Contact management
  • Activity reminders
  • Calendar and email sync
  • Single sales pipeline
  • Sales reporting
  • Drag-and-drop pipeline board
  • Lead map

If you want more, the Pro plan has you covered. It starts at $39 a month, and it provides all the Starter features and the following:

  • Unlimited pipelines
  • Email sequences
  • Activity and funnel reporting
  • In-app phone dialing and recording

Then, you could add Nutshell Marketing to improve customer experiences. It costs $40 a month for up to 2,500 contacts, and you’ll need to contact the company for more information.

Why is CRM so important for any size business?

Why is CRM so important for any size business?

If you have a small business, you might be wondering why you’d need a CRM. Perhaps you think the features are too much. Yet, that is the biggest reason why you should get one!

Digital transformation is the trend for businesses nowadays, so your brand should follow. Small and big brands alike are finding ways to improve using technology.

This means applying tools and software for each business aspect that needs it. As you adopt more of them, you will need to manage them into a cohesive system.

That’s where CRMs come in handy.

As we said, they don’t just help with lead management, and CRMs acts as a hub for your tech and provide these other features:

  1.  Improved customer support – CRMs let you provide quick and effective customer service. It gives you all the information you need to address a client’s problems, so you can immediately provide a solution. As a result, it helps you improve the customer experience.
  2. Increased sales – The right program helps you facilitate the sales process and build your pipeline. In turn, your sales team has a guide that you may adjust should the need arise.
  3. Retaining more customers – After you’ve converted a lead, you must ensure that the client continues doing business with you. A CRM lets you track customer sentiment, so you can address their issues and prevent them from abandoning your brand.
  4. Provides analytics – Data is useless if you can’t make sense of it. That’s why you need a CRM that can turn all that info into useful details.
  5. Better audience targeting – A CRM categorizes your customers based on your criteria so that you can come up with marketing strategies for each.
  6. Marketing automation – Once your business grows, your staff shouldn’t be doing the email marketing themselves. Instead, your CRM should send it when your clients perform a certain action, such as filling out an agreement. That way, your sales team can focus on more important tasks.
  7. Social media – You must have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts, but it can be a hassle to monitor each one 24/7. Fortunately, the right CRM can do that!
  8. Customization – You may adjust your CRM to fit your ever-changing needs and market.

Only a few CRM tools meet these criteria, though, so you will have to choose the right one for your business. Luckily, we have high-quality options for you!

Final Thoughts

The best CRM for lead management and more isn’t just for large companies. You can now get similar services to grow quickly if you have a startup!

They cost less than $100 a month, yet they provide many features. Even better, they can grow along with your business. Once your brand expands, you might want to get better plans.

Of course, you have to get started with your first CRM solution first. Feel free to contact these companies to learn how they can help boost your business.


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