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Welcome to our academy. My name is Anthony and I am marketing director and I appreciate your time going through our eBook today. I want you to focus on your priorities and make the right decision for your future, financially and long term!

Being a marketing rep isn’t easy so it is important that you understand this process very well. If you are chosen for this position, you have to COMMITT to the fact that you’re considered the most important aspect of the business sales funnel.

The sales funnel is the process of an “Interest” to a “Close”.

It is a fundamental key for any large or small businesses in 21st century because you are the first impression of each company. You are the first point of contact before a customer is handled by Senior Sales or an Account Manager.

You’re not selling a product but you are preparing and qualifying the leads!

In this article, I am focused on explaining the process of what to do exactly so you can make the right choice in your career. I want you to focus on what you want in your career first, other than making great money, and I want to give you a brief explanation on how this process has been designed to help you and your future.

As a marketer, are you up for the challenge?

Regardless of your experience, as long as you find passion in the marketing industry and have experience in outbound lead generation, and a “Mamba Mentality” ~ we are confident we can get you there. I am committed to help you achieve your goals and I want to thank you for your time reviewing this information. We believe that you can use your skills and talent in making our company reach new heights.

Who We Are

We are not just a business processing outsourcing company, we are a full-service, lead generation, sales platform and marketing agency.

Our team develops an effective plan that focuses on driving more sales to our customers regardless of what they are selling or who they’re servicing. We got their back & we will have yours too! We always have a plan to help our customers generate more sales for their businesses. We analyze and create strategies to target qualified candidates (leads) via online media traffic or targeted data base.

We want you to be the best because we spend hours analyzing our products to ensure our customers are converting more sales every day. We want to make a difference for you by giving you the full support and training so you can become our next marketer.

Why is becoming a Marketer so important?

The success of our partners and customer’s sales team relies heavily on you because you help them build a pipeline. We will provide you with the best product possible but it will require your commitment and consistency to become part of our team.

Why customers need us?

They must make sure they can benefit from us, which typically means their company exhibits one or more of the following 4 signs.

1. They want to grow sales but they don’t have enough opportunities in their pipeline.

2. Their sales are complex and require extensive legwork from their sales reps to navigate elaborate businesses or bypass numerous gatekeepers, which leaves them little time to do their own prospecting.

3. They are trying to expand and they need more information about new markets.

4. Their sales process needs recalibration and could benefit from more interactions with, and feedback from, a wide range of prospects.

Click To Become Our Next Marketer

What are we looking for in our next marketer?

I want to discuss with you what we are really doing with our campaigns and how you can become the NEXT BEST TOP AGENT in our company and of course “get closer to your dreams and goals.”

3 important aspects and characteristics we’re looking in our new marketers

A Need for Achievement - This characteristic is personified by the desire to work tirelessly in pursuit of a goal. Kobe Bryant's hunger for greatness is a perfect example. He makes millions of dollars every year and could easily put his career on cruise control. Instead, he practices like a hungry rookie rather than a satisfied veteran. This is not to be confused with the need for approval, which is actually an undesirable trait for most sales positions.

Competitiveness - This trait is marked by a person’s unstoppable drive to outperform and an incredible will to win and it does not need to be isolated to the work environment. It could be illustrated by a candidate’s admission that he can’t stand to lose a game of Monopoly with friends, or that he turns everything — from playing basketball to raising money for charity — into a competition. Don’t confuse athleticism with competitiveness.

Optimism - This trait is one of the most important drivers of inside sales success, yet sales leaders often overlook it. The reality is that outbound lead generation reps and marketers — regardless of your roles or responsibilities — must deal with frequent rejection and adversity. If you lack the optimism to overcome those hurdles, you are not likely to last very long. The best outbound lead generation reps are certain that they will not be denied. For instance, when a prospect hangs up on or berates an outbound marketer how do you respond? Do you laugh, go to the next phone number on your list, and keep calling? Or do you get angry and sulk in the corner?

How does it work?

We build effective and measurable lead generation campaigns for our customers.

We complete full market research based on customer’s needs.

We are responsible for developing and implementing marketing campaigns, such as outbound dialing or virtual assistant support. We focus on helping other enterprises or small business owners to have more peace of mind working on their business while we assist them with their marketing and support needs.

Our customers are our partners and we manage their marketing plan with full integrity and consistency with results.

Our passion for data analysis, targeting consumers by various analytics with online marketing and direct mail experience has brought us to a breaking point where we wanted to be. We want you to be as extension of our company and know that we’re successful if our customers are successful and that all starts there! Outbound lead generation is very important aspect of each business and we help the businesses generate new customers.


We target our marketing lists and identify your targets to get better conversions

Capturing Leads - We know our target customers!

Qualifying Leads - We qualify them!

Nurturing Leads - We work on unqualified leads by setting future follow up appointments.

Our Values

The great potential growth in any company is unified commitment to excellence and high corporate values. We have defined a set values that represent the foundation on which we strive to achieve in all of our campaign and marketing plans.



We take responsibility for our actions and accept ownership for the outcomes, rewards and/or consequences of the results. We honor our commitments and strive for the highest quality. We are focused on solutions and are not afraid to take informed, responsible risk


Team Work

We encourage individual and team growth while respecting our differences. We share ideas and skills across campaigns and marketing plans and encourage joint efforts toward common goals. We leverage combined efforts to add value for our clients, their customers and our associates.


We are visionary, yet realistic, in setting direction, leading by example and involving our teams. We have high standards of ethics, performance, and behavior in all aspects of our business relationships. We believe that our reputation is our most valuable asset.



We provide an open environment in which any suggestion, idea, issue or question receives attention with respect and courtesy. We share information appropriately with all audiences in an open, accurate and timely manner. We believe in the power of informed associates.